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New Silane Ⅳ

New Silane 4

Even spreading of reagent
(Process for the cell nuclei staining)

The hydrophilic glass surface is equivalent to New Silane Ⅲ. 
Adhesive strength is kept stronger and less background staining by PAM with the silver mirror reaction.
New Silane Ⅳ is developed for less dyeing spots by IHC staining.

1) Good hydrophilicity
2) Strong adhesiveness
3) Quick drying
4) Less background by PAM staining
5) Less dyeing spots by IHC staining instruments


Good staining result
(Mammary HerⅡ)

Features of various coated slide glass

  Hydrophilicity of slide surface Adhesiveness PAM staining Spot dyeing by IHC staining instruments
(The results depend on instruments)
New Silane Ⅱ × ×~〇
New Silane Ⅲ △~〇
New Silane Ⅳ
Code Size(mm) Frost Color 
11061A 76×26×1.0  15F Frost Glass
51161A 76×26×1.0  15F White
51261A 76×26×1.0  15F Yellow
51361A 76×26×1.0  15F Pink
51461A 76×26×1.0  15F Blue
51561A 76×26×1.0  15F Green
51661A 76×26×1.0  15F Shell Pink
51761A 76×26×1.0  15F Orange
51861A 76×26×1.0  15F Camel
51961A 76×26×1.0  15F Lavender
Code Size(mm) Frost Color 
11062A 76×26×1.0  20F Frost Glass
51162A 76×26×1.0  20F White
51262A 76×26×1.0  20F Yellow
51362A 76×26×1.0  20F Pink
51462A 76×26×1.0  20F Blue
51562A 76×26×1.0  20F Green
51662A 76×26×1.0  20F Shell Pink
51762A 76×26×1.0  20F Orange
51862A 76×26×1.0  20F Camel
51962A 76×26×1.0  20F Lavender
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