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Slide glass

Raw material of Muto’s slide glass is the float glass produced by Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd. Muto manufactures the float glass which gives less alkali, thus less color fading of specimens.
Furthermore Muto’s slides are cleaned by the ultra-sonic instruments, inspected and packed in the clean rooms to avoid dusts on the slides.


Regular Slide

Frost(paint) is durable to solvents and not peeled off in the solvents for long time.
As the surface of the frost is smooth and fine, it shows good printings or writings on the slide.


Star frost slide glass

It is suitable to use for Auto blood staining instrument since the slide glass is high quality with less sticking with another slide glass.



It is the slide glass for Auto leukocyte classification instrument. It provides with good spreading of the blood as the short side of slide glass is not polished.



Slide glass is packed in the disposable(plastic) packs so that you may just insert the disposable packs onto the Slide Printer PPM-SX or PPM-NX.


Slide glass for Slide Printer PPM-SX and PPM-NX
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