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Privacy policy

It is the purpose of using customers' information(henceforth "Individual information. "). by Muto Pure Chemical Co.,Ltd (henceforth "Our company. ") Our company recognizes the importance of protection of individual information, complies with relative laws concerning protection of individual information, and takes care of individual information appropriately.

Purpose of use

The purpose of use that our company acquires user's individual information is as follows. It specifies the purpose of use beforehand if the purpose is not specified with the ones below.

  1. to communicate our activities related to products etc.
  2. to examine user's authentication.
  3. to total, to analyze individual information, and to make the statistical data in the form that cannot be specified the individual.

Proper acquisition

Our company will not acquire user's individual information in the means of injustice.


Our company uses it within the range to have provided user's individual information by "Purpose of use".

Offer to third party

Our company will not provide the individual information with the third party excluding the followings.

  1. when the company or the group that wins consent from the user beforehand.
  2. to comply with the law.
  3. to protect personal life, the property when it's necessary and difficult to obtain the user's agreement.
  4. for the improvement of public health or promotion of child's healthy development when it's necessary and difficult to obtain the user's agreement.
  5. when our company should cooperate with the national organizations or the local public entities or when the consignment accomplishes the work that the law requires, and when it's deemed to cause the obstacle for the accomplishment of the work concerned by obtaining the user's agreement.

Indication, correction, and deletion

Our company tries to manage individual information accurately and up to date. Moreover, when disclosing individual information that our company has from the user is requested, our company promptly indicates it based on a prescribed procedure. As a result, if there is wrong information by any chance, promptly our company corrects or will delete it.

Safety management

Our company takes a necessary, appropriate measures and safety management against the leakage of individual information.


Our company might revise the privacy policy in accordance with the changes with the law and other standards, etc. to attempt the protection of user's individual information. Our company will inform users on the homepage when there is revisions.

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