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RCM-Ⅶ is a cover glass for new RCM-450. Just open the lid of RMC-Ⅶ and set it on RCM-450.

1) Open the lid of a case and only set RCM--Ⅶ to RCM-450.
2) Thickness of a cover glass : No1, 0.12~0.17mm
3) Packing:1,000pcs =200pcs x 5 cases
4) Price : The price of the cover glass per piece is the same as that of the cover glass of the conventional article.
5) Since the drier is contained, double picking does not occur.
6) Positioning accuracy is high ( there is no shakiness of a case).


Code Size(mm)
24404 cover glass 2440(For RCM)
24504 cover glass 2450(For RCM)
25504 cover glass 2550(For RCM)
24554 cover glass 2455(For RCM)
24604 cover glass 2460(For RCM)

- The consumption tax is not included.
- RCM-450 is a product of MEISEI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
- Applicable machine for RCM-Ⅶ: RCM-450.
* Please confirm the model name at the time of ordering.

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