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Trimming knife

Trimming knife

Muto’s Trimming knife enables to section semi-fixed organs easily.
You may be surprise of its performance.

This is because its raw material has been changed to the stainless steel from the carbon steel.
Please confirm the efficiency of Muto’s Trimming knife in the pathological works.

1) Enables to section the hard tissues with fibers easily.
2) Enables to section the mammary gland.
3) Enables to section the hard tissues easily.
4) Enables to section soft or semi-fixed organs easily.
5) Enables to section a number of organs with durability.

Dispenser Type

・First dispense type Trimming Knife
・Easy setting into exclusive Handle
・Safe disposal of used knife
※Please insert used knife into the container of dispenser after washing attached blood etc

Dispenser Type

Safety stopper prevents knife to be dropped from dispenser

Scanning  Microscope
X-ray Diffract Meter

Microtome disposable blade

Code Description Size(mm)
43321 Trimming knife No.130 0.245mm×18mm×130mm
43331 Trimming knife No.260 0.245mm×18mm×260mm
43381 Trimming Knife 130mm in Dispenser 0.245mm×18mm×130mm
43391 Trimming Knife 260mm in Dispenser 0.245mm×18mm×260mm

Price : Please request to Muto P.C

Code Description Quantity
43441 Handle for Trimming Knife 130mm 1pcs/box
43451 Handle for Trimming Knife 260mm 1pcs/box

Price : Please request to Muto P.C

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