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Microtome disposable blade

Microtome disposable blade

Microtome disposable blades which are aimed to section the specimens at certain stable thickness require technical expertise such as sophisticated heating process, excellent polishing and coating techniques.
It is also required to maintain the high quality under precise controls with inspection instruments.
Muto’s HISTO CUTTER is the product of advanced technologies.

1.HISTO CUTTER easily enables to produce thin sections with a number of paraffin blocks.
With a special coating for the blades it performs without scratches on the specimens for long.
Average number of block per a blade with 3 micron sectioning: 50~60 blocks for the pathological specimens
: 35~40 blocks for the anatomical specimens

2.HISTO CUTTER enables thin sectioning with hard tissues.
It performs well for the myoma of the uterus, the prostate, the mammary gland, the thyroid gland, the bronchial bones, etc.

3.HISTO CUTTER performs to maintain the original shape of specimen
With less friction at sectioning the paraffin sections are maintained almost same size of blocks.

4.With less friction at sectioning the paraffin sections are maintained almost same size of blocks.
Thanks to special manufacturing it helps to reduce the curling of sections. Thus it helps to attach the sections onto the slids.

Histo Cutter Plasma

Since more than 25 years we of Muto P.C. has been seeking optimum quality on the disposable blades for microtomes. Now we are pleased to launch new blades, Histo Cutter Plasma, with Plasma technologies that improve sharpness and durability of the blades considerably.

Features of HISTO CUTTER by products

No.26 : Excellent sharpness for soft tissues (Low Profile)
N0.42 : Excellent increased durability for hard tissues(Low Profile)
N0.52 : Excellent balance of increased sharpness and durability for hard tissues(Low profile)
No.67 : Excellent sharpness for thinner sectioning (Low Profile)
No.69 : Excellent sharpness for both hard and soft tissues (Low Profile)
No.74 : Excellent balance of increased sharpness and durability for hard tissues (Low Profile)
No.70HP : Excellent balance of sharpness and durability for cryo-sectionning with wide and thick blade(High Profile)
No.80LA : Excellent for ultra-thin sectioning such as for the kidney and the lymph node (Low Angle)
LP35S : integrated to No.52
LP35H : integrated to No.42
HP35S : integrated to 70HP
LH35 (NEW) :Suitable for Hard specimens
LS35 (NEW) :Suitable for Soft specimens
HS35 (NEW):Suitable for Cryo Sectioning

Microtome disposable blade

Code Description The edge angle Size
(mm) Thickness
43301 HISTO CUTTER Type26 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43303 HISTO CUTTER Type42 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43304 HISTO CUTTER Type52 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43307 HISTO CUTTER Type67 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43308 HISTO CUTTER Type69 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43310 HISTO CUTTER Type74(30°) 30 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43341 HISTO CUTTER Type70HP 35 80 14 0.32 50pcs
43311 HISTO CUTTER Type80LA(22°) 22 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43351 HISTO CUTTER LP35H 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43361 HISTO CUTTER LP35S 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43371 HISTO CUTTER HP35S 35 80 14 0.32 50pcs
43352 HISTO CUTTER PLASMA  (LOW PROFILE) LH35 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43353 HISTO CUTTER PLASMA  (LOW PROFILE) LS35 35 80 8 0.25 50pcs
43343 HISTO CUTTER PLASMA  (High PROFILE) HS35 35 80 14 0.32 50pcs

※ We provide with Trimming knives(130mm, 260mm).
Please see hereby :

Quality Control is executed with using various inspection instruments.

Scanning Microscope

Scanning  Microscope

Blade edge measurement: Blade edge is continuously controlled.

X-ray Diffract Meter

X-ray Diffract Meter

Measurement of the austenite: Remained austenite is continuously measured for sharp and durable blade.

Fluorescence X-rays

Fluorescence X-rays

Sputtering thickness is measured for the durability management.

Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope


Material ingredient measurement (with fluorescence-X-rays equipment)is carried out for the incoming material.

Material ingredient C
The standard 0.65
LADLE 0.69 0.34 0.74 0.025 0.002 0.10 13.28
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